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Friday, November 5, 2010

Price check on reality, please.

(The OP is aware that lame title is lame.)

Perhaps if I had some nifty crafty side to me that I'd be willing to expose to the internet I'd have something with merit here.

Alas, I don't. Mostly what I made are small top hats and Martha Stewart-esque decour for our home.

Lately I've been dabbing into jewelry for my dolls. They're... pretty middle school looking. *laughs* But it's better than forking over fifteen bucks for some beads on a string. Seriously, people, stop over-pricing yourself.

That's one thing I just don't get. If the string costs you fifty cents for a spool and the beads are a buck a bag and it takes you maybe half an hour to complete the thing, why do you charge so much!? I understand when it comes to the pieces of jewelry where it's crazy with wire, the person used really expensive beads, and it took them two hours to put it together. That, I can respect.

But then on the other hand I understand that in order to make money that you gotta raise the bar slightly.

For instance; my friend and I run our little Etsy and we make little hats. *link in title* The particular hat is called Flowers Are Me, and I'm very proud of it. I think it's worth twenty dollars 'cause of the materials and time put into it.

Now if I had whipped up a hat with a simple ribbon and a big jewel? Fifteen, and even then I'd feel squeamish about it.

I've seen people put up hats a lot more plain than that and charge twice as much. (Oh, let's say, Hot Topic The HT site doesn't have the little top hats online, but they have A pretty sweet Kingdom Hearts blanket. WANT.)

And I just searched through Etsy and it gave me the chills... I mean... You're not even gonna bend the computer parts and make it special? And I can still see your glue! And those feathers, are... Ugh. >___<;;


We're just gonna get past that...

...Where was I? Oh yes. I'm hungry. I haven't had dinner yet. BLEH. But yeah, y'know, twenty's a good fair price. I mean, we do put in a lot of effort. We make sure to, y'know, NOT LET OUR HOT GLUE RESIDUE SHOW. We use spiffy ribbons and put in lots of gears, which can get expensive, and we make sure the hat actually fits. And if it doesn't, then we will change it for you!!

Ugh, why does this feel more like I'm pimping myself out...?

With that said, how 'bout I pimp out some others? :D

A Case of Random makes beautiful jewelry~

Ryaven makes the most adorably quirky crochet dolls! Want!

Monstro Designs has a LOT of cute stuff, especially bunny had for your BJDs!! I bought two for my SD and my MSD~

Simply Willow had GORGEOUS Steampunk jewelry~