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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eeeeeeh, lazy... D:

As I look across the kitchen, I see my calico/tabby mix. She's my inspiration~ Her name was Mama, but when I adopted her I didn't know that. My sister and I strove to find a right name for her.

At the time, she was incredibly heavy. I mean, when the man I got her from pulled her out of this tiny container, I didn't even know how he fit her all in!

My sister, ever loving, wanted to call her Fatso. I was appalled at the name as it was so derogative sounding. I wanted to call her Pumpkin 'cause of the orange bits.

We finally settled on a name that I felt is adorable but at the same time fitting for her.

Tubby Pumpkin.

She has various nicknames (TubTubs, Tubbychibchubs, etc...) and it got me thinking. She's a pretty round individual, and so am I. If she's a Tubby kitty, then I'm her Tubby owner.

And right after I thought that, I felt a piece of my self esteem settle into a zen-like place. Yes, tubby is a bad word, it just describes who I am. Like how skinny people give themselves high-fives for their weight. Well, damnit, so can I!

Though as of late I've been feeling insanely unmotivated. I just sit in front of the computer and browse the internet for hours. It's just like how I was when I lived with my parents. I could honestly spend 10+ hours daily online.

(Yes, writing this blog is also being lazy, but shush you.)

I haven't walked a lot either. D: This must change before winter settles in. 'Cause I think it'd be only SLIGHTLY hard to walk on ice for exercise. *shudders*

Alright! After I'm done writing this, y'know what I'm gonna do? The laundry! Then get dressed and go do shit! Maybe make a dress for my dolls. I don't know! I don't care! But I vow to do something!


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