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Friday, July 2, 2010

Ugh, for fuck's sake...

Backspace key, I hate you.

I had a nice, thoughful, kinda humorous (okay, yeah, not really) post ready to send out to the world, and you fuck it up.

I shan't ever forgive you. Now if only I can quit you.

Good thing backspace key can't interfere with my real life. Er, wait, maybe it should be able to. My mistakes are many. From time management to friendships, there ain't a thing in my life that I haven't screwed up at least once.

For instance! Finances! I live with my fiance and, bless his wonderfully sexy heart, he takes on the rent for our home. I still cover two of the bills, do groceries every now and then, and pay my own financial problems.

Such as student loans. I'm almost done though! Less than two thousand to go. Thank you community college for being soooo cheap! I <3 you. It's actually the entire reason why he's shouldering this burden. It was his idea, too.

But it's just come to my attention (via a good friend) that I've been taking advantage of that. Suuuure, I could've put fifty dollars towards the loans, but no! I simply had to have one of those tupperware-type parties in my house. Or the time before when I had to go craft shopping when I already HAD crafts at home. Or the anime box set that was on a really good sale (including with my employee discount; All four box sets of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime for under $150? DONE!).

So along with this new pledge to exercise more and eat healthier (though these peaches ain't tastin' good at all. BLEH), I'm gonna make sure I cut down on the "nessessary" expenses.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not the type to go out and buy dresss and frivilous items like an espresso maker. Crafting is kind of my little side business. And I love having friends over to our house. But I shouldn't have any of those until 1) My crafting business is able to pay for itself and 2) I'M FINISHED PAYING OFF MY LOAN AND FUCKING OVER MY FIANCE.
(It also helped that he sternly talked to me after the part. So now everytime I'm tempted, his voice rings in my head "DON'T DO IT, YA BITCH")

So to make up for those many months, I'm gonna do my gosh-darned bestest to ensure that he'll be a little less stressed and more pleased~ Starting with the kitchen and movin' aaaaaaall the way into the bedroom.

Hm, I think I have a topic for my next post now; How Fat Chicks ROCK the bedroom and their men/women. Both literally and sexily.

Tubby signing off~

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